the-bone-tree-by-greg-ilesThe Penn Cage series has been around for quite a while, and Mr. Greg Iles, the author, always brings something new and exciting to the table. The Bone Tree is the fifth installment in the franchise and follows Cage, an ex-prosecutor, and Caitlin, his fiancée. They barely made it alive after Royal attacked them with his KKK sect that has connections in the highest branches of the American government.

However, as it soon turns out, the horrors are far from being over: Kaiser, an agent with the Bureau, warns Cage that Royal was not actually the leader of the sect. The man who controls the terrorists is far more dangerous than anybody else they had to face in the past. The real puppeteer is the chief of the Criminal Investigations agency!

So, the ex-prosecutor has a choice to make: either strike a deal with Knox, the crooked chief or to come at him with everything he's got. Cage can't let this one go, as his dad, a doctor, is charged with murder and a whole line-up of corrupt cops is coming for his life. And, while Cage is doing his best to keep both options available, Caitlin figures out the real truth behind numerous unsolved murders, and it might be the one and only thing that could bring the corrupt organization down.

The clues take her into the past, down the memory lane - into the backwaters of the Mississippi River. Soon, she stumbles upon a horrifying place called "The Bone Tree", a place where the Klan has been killing innocent people for two centuries. The Bone Tree is a breath-taking, action-charged mystery thriller that comes with twists, turns, deadly secrets and a gripping tale.

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