The-Book-Of-Aron-By-Jim-ShepardJim Shepard, one of the greatest American writers in history, delivers a game-changing, moving, thought-provoking and fearless story about the kids that had to suffer through Nazi Germany's atrocities during WW2. Aron is a youngen, a little boy who had to learn suffering and pain first-hand at a very young age. His family is forced to leave the beautiful Polish suburbs and move into the city, driven by the relentless push from the enemies.

Deprivation, starvation, and diseases are slowly, but steadily killing the population, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Aron and a bunch of boys and gals put their very lives on the line and run around the hood, trying to smuggle all kinds of stuff through the restricted areas. They're doing this because the food they're getting is the only thing that's keeping their loved ones alive - the moms, pops, and other relatives.

The kiddos are hunted by the Nazi, Polish and even Jewish police, and if they get caught, they'll probably be hanged for treason. Soon, when they take Aron's fam away from him, Korczak, a world-famous doctor who used to be the biggest endorser of children's rights before the horrors of war-devastated Europe, takes him in. Now, he's running an orphanage right in the middle of Warsaw.

Jim Shepard wrote a jaw-dropping, masterfully crafted novel about World War 2 and the kids that had to grow way too fast and turn into real-world heroes. Told through the eyes of an engaging, smart and joyful boy, the darkest pages in humanity's history feel stunning, and sometimes even funny - despite all odds. It's heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time, and, as far as uplifting and inspiring books go, this one is on top of the line.

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