the-book-of-joy-by-dalai-lamaThe Book of Joy is a one-of-a-kind book that will lift your spirit and give you the necessary encouragement to forget about the harsh reality of the world and focus on the great gifts from the Heavens. Two iconic spiritual leaders share their own life experiences and hard-earned wisdom with us, the readers, and reveal the secrets to living with joy in your heart even when it seems like nothing's going the way it's supposed to.

Two close friends, great people, decided to get together and have a conversation about a very important thing. What's so special about these folks? Well, the first one was Tutu, and the second one was Lama. And they were there to talk about one thing and one thing only - joy. Both spiritual masters need no introductions: they're known world-wide and they're one of the greatest moral leaders of the 21st century.

And last, but not least, despite everything that they've been through, these men are definitely among the happiest people on planet Earth, and they always seem to inspire people to do great things and to achieve true, pure happiness. The Book of Joy feels like a celebration of joy, a casual, yet deep and profound conversation among old friends.

The men share their own stories, the latest achievements in the science of happiness, and the day-to-day "routine" that allows them to keep enjoying life and everything it holds. It's no secret that Dalai Lama and his friends had their fair share of personal tragedy and national devastation, but they still managed to stand strong on their feet, find their way to happiness and spread it over as many people as they can.

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