the-book-of-mysteries-by-jonathan-cahnThe Book of Mysteries is fascinating new novel from none other than Jonathan Cahn, a man who turned a lot of heads and raised a lot of eyebrows with his previous #1 bestsellers. The critics call his books exciting, provocative and highly addictive. So, now he's back with even more heat and is ready to mesmerize the readers with his chest of ancient mysteries.

The story begins with a traveler meeting a strange man who they call "the teacher". He takes the traveler on a journey through valleys, plains, deserts, caverns, and centuries-old ruins. And we, the readers, get to follow their path and learn everything that man has to teach. Overall, there are 365 mysteries in the book - one for every single day. So, in a way, Cahn's new book is like a daily "calendar" and will require a bit of discipline from you.

Every mystery comes with a task for every day, a mission that brings the ancient revelations to us and applies them to our modern lives, resulting into an exciting, defining journey. That's true - The Book of Mysteries is full of life-changing secrets, ground-breaking realities, and heart-wrenching (in a good way) revelations that might as well change your perception of the world that you live in.

It really a unique thing, and Jonathan Cahn sure does know how to intrigue the readers and make them participate in something...mysterious, let's say. By the way, you won't have to read the book piece by piece: the story told by the teacher can be "consumed" in a couple of days, and it will be just as good. It's a must-have in your collection if you appreciate a refreshing point of view, a bold, challenging delivery and Mr. Cahn's trademark writing brilliance.

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