The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The-Book-Thief-by-Markus-ZusakEven death has a heart ... 1939, Nazi Germany. Liesel lives with foster parents in Molching. She experienced the bombing raids on Munich and survived: because the death has taken her in its heart…

Liesel encountered the death for the first time when she was 9 years old. At the grave of her little brother she began her career as a Book Thief: using the manual for gravediggers she learns to read and start stealing books repeatedly.


As a teenager, Markus Zusak prefers Hemingway and revised many times the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", which is based on a novel by Peter Hedges. His mother often told how she had experienced as a child, the bombing of Munich. This had a significant impact on all Markus Zusak life. Born in 1975 he began to write at 16. Today Zusak is one of the most prestigious youth book authors in the world. Moreover, his books "The Joker" and "The Book Thief" are award-winning bestsellers which not only affect younglings.


"This is one of those books that can change lives, because it gives hope, without denying ever the deep immorality and arbitrariness of the time." (NY Times)

"Unique world literature." (Ostsee Zeitung)

"The Book Thief " is the story of a youth in the Third Reich, told by an incredibly likable death, with plump figures, dramatic, tragic and at times funny." (BR)

"A literary gem." (Good Reading)

"A moving work which drives a tear." (Independent on Sunday)

"Tragic, funny, touching, linguistically surprising. Read! "(Schwäbische Post)

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