Cynthia Swanson's debut novel is as buzz-worthy as they come. It's both provocative and truly powerful, which makes it a must-read for the folks that appreciate diamonds in a rough. Welcome to Denver. The year is 1962. Kitty, the main character of the story, has always been a single woman, and, despite the fact that she used to be really uncomfortable with her life without a man in it, now she's finally happy with it.

Or, at least, she's learned t to appreciate it. Back in the day, she had something real with Kevin, a handsome doc, but it didn't exactly work out the way they both hoped it would. She owns a bookshop and runs it with her BFF, Frieda. The greatest thing about this "layout" is that she has 100% control over her daily routine.

She can come in late, leave early, do whatever she pleases, and there's no boss that can scream at her and/or fire her. And that's when the dreams come in. In 1963, Katharyn is a married woman and she's happy with her marriage. Together with her husband, she's raising two wonderful kids in a lovely house and has good, honest friends. This is the life that Kitty has always dreamed of, but it's just a dream.

She's not crazy and knows that the vivid dreams are just a result of her imagination, but she still enjoys them very much. However, with each dream, that fantasy life starts to feel more and more real. So, maybe she could leave her boring life and become a part of this one? Soon, the line between these two worlds blurs, forcing Kitty to make a fateful decision: to either stick with her uneventful life with the bookstore and die a single woman or to try and turn those lovely dreams into a reality.

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