Trudy Brown, a beautiful young woman with a free spirit and a joyful set of mind, doesn't really want any part of her passed aunt's shabby bookstore. Yes, the majority of girls would go to Hell and back just to get their hands on a bookshop, but Trudy is different. She's been struggling with dyslexia ever since she was a little kid - books and Trudy don't really mix that well.

So, that's why she hops into her old, rusty and hazardous, yet trusty Beetle grabs her funny dog and visits Truhart for one reason only: to sell her "huge" inheritance and make good money on it. There's nothing holding her here, but the cash will really come in handy. However, Trudy is not the only "alien" in the tiny townlet. Kit is a dashing young professor of history and American studies, and he's looking for an ancient manuscript.

Now, for some reason, the fella thinks that Trudy's aunt's decrepit bookstore might be his first step towards finding it. And that's how these quite different young folks come together. They spend the entirety of autumn in one place and clean the bookstore, trying to find clues to Kit's treasure. Soon, the two fall in love with each other, and this new, uncharted territory is for both of them to walk into.

Trudy doesn't like the idea of staying in one place for more than a few months, but there's something about her newly-found friend that makes her rethink her plans. Who knows, maybe there are destined to be with each other and happily ever after is just around the corner? Cynthia Tennent did a brilliant job with this book and managed to capture the very essence of small towns and magical relationships. The Bookshop on Autumn Lane is charming, funny, and moving.

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