Jenny Colgan, a bestselling author, wrote a heart-warming, moving and funny story that you can enjoy after a hard day at work. Nina, the main character of the novel, is a literary matchmaker. Yep, it's a thing: she finds just the perfect book for a reader and gets a lot of thanks after they finish reading. This is her job and her hobby; or, rather, it was.

She used to be a happy librarian in a big city, but now she's forced to move on and find a new job. Nina doesn't break down and cry - she gets herself together and decides to start all over in a tiny village miles away from civilization. Moving to a different place has its fair share of challenges, but she's up for every single one of them. Upon arrival, she buys a shabby van and turns it into a...bookmobile, you could say.

It's the first-ever mobile bookshop that she is very proud of. The idea is to drive around from one hood to the other and inspire folks to be better with the power of words. This journey changes her life and brings new meaning to the daily routine, and, by helping others find their own path and/or simply communicating with the world, Nina feels like she's a part of something new, something important.

The adventure proves to be breath-taking and magical, something she's been dreaming of ever since she was a little kid. On this path, she meets all kinds of eccentric, loving, ridiculous and weird folks that share their own stories with her. What could be better than driving in a fancy mobile bookstore and becoming a part of something bigger than yourself? This bookmobile becomes her home and gives her hope for a brighter future.

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