In an alienated, "exfoliated" society where you can't just stand under the sun and warm up - it's a privilege for the wealthy folks - the people who are constantly living in darkness are ready to do whatever it takes to get even the slightest piece of light. Arden is a young, smart, beautiful and driven girl who lives in Undercity, a colony, the lowest level there is.

She's trapped in her own "hood", but, given the fact that her brother is the head honcho of the most prominent and powerful brigade in Undercity, Arden has limited access to Above. Soon, she comes across Dade, a lucky fella who was blessed to be born in a family that gets to enjoy the light and warmness of the sun all day long. They're living in one of the huge towers that "float" above the cities.

At the same time, even though the Tower People are sun-kissed, life isn't exactly perfect over there. Dade is about to marry a girl he doesn't love - it's what you call an arranged marriage - and is trying to escape this fate. He's hiding a huge secret and is ready to put everything on the line for it. Soon, the two teenagers fall in love with each other; yet, their feelings aren't at all welcomed by the people from above and below.

And when the gang members ask the girl to help them hit the elites where it hurts and to stop Dade from putting their huge drug trade in jeopardy, Arden is forced to make an impossible decision: she is to choose between her family and the newly-found love. There's an all-out war between classes, and it might just destroy everything before she gets to do anything about it. The Breaking Light is a smart, engaging, original science fiction novel with an engrossing plot, a believable world and a great line-up of charismatic and rich characters.

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