The-Broken-Hearts-Book-Club-By-Lynsey-JamesLucy, a modern-day girl, has always been great at escaping from her own problems and past. Yet, when Lily, her favorite nana, dies, she simply has no other choice but to trot back to the one and only place on planet Earth that she doesn't want to return to. The girl's been livin' in London for the last 8 years, and Luna Bay, her hometown, looks and feels practically the same as before.

The tiny village is just as peaceful, beautiful and uplifting. The plan was to stay for just one day and then be on her merry way, but Lucy soon finds out that Lily has not only made her the "heiress" to a cottage, but also a mysterious book club. The thing is - she's never even mentioned it before, and so, Harper is eager to check it out.

However, when she walks into the room for the first time, it becomes clear that the past isn't buried anymore - it's coming for her, catching up and wants to say "Hello". So, the fact is, there's no escaping from it this time around - Lucy will have to confront the past or keep running away from it. Lynsey James created a funny, touching, gripping and thought-provoking story of a young girl that's trying to find her place in this world and be happy.

It's engaging and moving in so many ways that the critics are calling it a must-have for all the fans of romantic comedies. The humor is impeccable, the characters are lovely and the plot is pretty damn great. We don't come across books like this one very often; so, make sure not to miss your chance to enjoy The Broken Hearts Book Club. It most certainly is worth your attention and your highest praise, especially when it’s cold and dark outside!

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