Did you ever want to start over? It's safe to say that we all did once or twice in our lives, and the hero of The Broken Road gets a second chance from fate, one that he's been waiting for his entire life. Charles is a star in Chicago, but he can't "beat" the nightmares that wake him up in the middle of the night.

He dreams of himself walking down an endless broken highway that's burning from both sides. Where is he headed, and what's that sound that he keeps hearing? When he wakes up, Charles spends the day trying to figure out why he is being haunted by that terrifying dream and why isn't he a happy man when he's got pretty much everything - fame, big-time fans, a huge bank account and a luxurious lifestyle.

Back when he was a kid, Charles experienced pain, suffering and poverty first-hand, and he's been working day and night towards getting where he is right now. So, why the hell isn't he satisfied with what he's got? He's on top of the highest mountain, but, instead of celebrating, the star starts to think his life over and wonder whether this really is what he wanted all those years ago.

He earned his money the legit way but used his charisma and engaging personality to make people invest their hard-earned cash into his business. And when he learns that one of his former customers has killed himself after he was ruined financially, Charles breaks down and begins to question everything, including the choices that he made along the way, the people that he worked with, and his own future. Then, all of a sudden, life gives him a second chance. Will he use it wisely? The Broken Road is an engrossing, riveting and thrilling novel about redemption. Evans created a grandiose story that will linger on and on.

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