the-broken-way-by-ann-voskampAnn Voskamp, a gifted, award-winning and bestselling writer, is back with a brand-new masterpiece - The Broken Way. This book talks about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and making that scary-yet-rewarding step into the unknown. Abundance is what we all strive for, but only a small number of people are strong, bold and risky enough to pursue it.

At the same time, that wonderful life is available to all of us, and we need to go for it until it's too late. So, what do we do when we really want to change our lives for the better? How do we reach that goal? The Broken Way will be of great help to all those folks who are asking themselves that same question over and over again. The author talks about it in an unusual, unexpected and refreshing way.

This book is dedicated to the ones who love this life and to the ones who are scared of if. It's dedicated to the ones who hope, dream, love, but end up losing it all at the end. And, it's dedicated to the strongest ones, the people who are born ready to break chains, doors, prejudice, superstition, bias, and to be free - truly free. Most of us have something broken inside of us, something that we can never fully repair.

But it's ok: even the broken ones deserve to love, to be loved and to enjoy true, pure happiness. And you can be one of them; you can be a person who knows freedom is sometimes hidden within fear, pain, and despair. In this brilliant book, Ann Voskamp encourages us all to believe in the broken way and not to be afraid of broken things. Yes, it's hard, but the path towards joy and happiness always is. Grab a copy of The Broken Way and dive into a wonderful world of endless possibilities!

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