The Brown Fairy Book is one of the twelve-book series by the Scottish collector of folk and fairytales, Andrew Lang. Originally published in 1904, the book is a collection of 32 tales from different cultures and parts for the world - from the American Indians to the Aboriginal Australians, islanders in the Pacific to the natives of the northern European region of Lapland; stories from Africa, Persia, Germany, Brazil, India, and many more. These are stories of old, mostly told to children around campfires, known to even the most uncivilized communities.

Some stories in the book include the adventures of a Native American hero in the “Ball-Carrier and the Bad One”, the misfortune of a whole village in Aboriginal Austrialia when a young hunter steals a cub of the mythical creature in “The Bunyip”, the African tale about a father’s harsh punishment which leads to his daughter falling in love with an ogre in “The Sacred Milk of Koumongoe”, and the sad story of the unrequited love of a gnome king in the German tale “Rubezahl”. These tales are quite different from one another in style and effect due to the wide range of cultural backgrounds they come from. It is not only entertaining but also a subtle reminder of how these tales have survived through generations.

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