A striving businessman was kidnapped on the streets in the middle of the day. A tiny hangman's noose was found at the scene. The only witness is a 9-year-old girl. Yes, the case is pretty confusing and puzzling, and that is why the cops are calling in Lincoln and Amelia, his partner, to work on the case and try to make sense of it.

Soon, something strange happens: they find a recording that shows how a psycho killer hangs his victim. The recording is marked as a new masterpiece from The Composer. Now, even though Lincoln puts all of his experience and wits into finding the murderer, he manages to flee the scene. But when something similar happens in Naples, the investigators get right on his "tale".

That gives a start to a huge (and sophisticated) process of international cooperation. Some people are not who they seem or make you believe they are, which means the hard-boiled forensic scientists can't trust anyone. The more they dig into this case, the more involved they get, and there's no going back once you're in the game. The lives of numerous people are in their hands, and if they fail to figure out what's happening, many innocents will die.

The Burial Hour is a top-notch mystery/psychological thriller that will get your heart beating like crazy and your blood rushing faster than lighting. It's dark, twisty and relevant, which automatically means the fans of the genre are in for quite a nice treat. Will the heroes figure out who's behind all of this before it's too late? Jeffery Deaver put his heart and soul into this novel; so, make sure to check it out if you’re a sucker for the thrill, mystery, and suspense.

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