The-Candymakers-Paperback-by-Wendy-MassImagine a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere and 4 kids - best friends - who were lucky enough to be hand-picked to compete in the nation-wide contest of candy making, the biggest one to date. That's exactly what Wendy Mass, the author of this wonderful book for children did, and it's most definitely a must-have if you want your kids to enjoy a kind, warm-hearted, educational and inspirational story from a highly talented writer.

So, the main question is - who will make the most delicious candy out there that will be better than the one made by the champions? Will our heroes be able to beat the best of the best and become the new leaders? Well, you'll only find out if you read the book, but it's safe to say that the team packs a mean punch: the Candymaker has a son, named Logan (one of the 4 friends), and he can determine the color of chocolate without even looking at it.

At the same time, Daisy, the only girl on the team, is ridiculously strong and can lift a 50-pound pack of candy with one hand. Plus, she's really adorable and cheers everybody up all the time. Phillip never gets out of his suit-and-tie costume and is always jotting something down in his book. And finally, Miles is allergic to pink and boats, but he's got a hidden talent as well.

The Candymakers is a charming, well-written and sweet story that will leave you and your kids speechless. The book talks about the importance of friendship, sticking together, doing the right thing and never losing hope. It's really hard to find a great children's book these days, so, the new piece by Wendy Mass is most definitely a welcome change.

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