the-carter-girls-2-by-desireeAtlanta, or ATL, is the one and only city in the world that can handle a fam full of crazy, wild, ambitious and trigger-happy men like the now-legendary Carter Boys. This is a band of bros that conquered the world with their music, but they've also got tons of drama at home that needs to be taken care of. Now, apart from the dangerous men, there are also the beautiful Carter girls, the sisters and the wives that hold the fellas down.

Desiree made a lot of buzz with the Boys, but it's actually The Carter Girls series that shows us the heart and the soul of this infamous family. The readers will finally learn what the Carters are made of - what kind of blood is rushing through their veins that makes them so powerful and influential on the streets and so attractive for the girls from all around the globe.

Yes, the biggest question is: what's so special about this family? The story focuses on Amari, a girl who had her heart broken by one of the Carter Boys back when she was just a teenager. And now, years later, her childhood crush is fully grown into a certified gangster and is back for more. Amari is a strong girl, and she left the troubling past behind her.

Still, she wasn't prepared to see Shiloh once again, and it took her one quick glance to take a trip down memory lane with all her feelings rushing back. The Carter Girls 2 is just the perfect book for all the fans of the Carter franchise. It comes with everything that the bestselling series is famous for, plus, you'll get to take a look at the family from a different angle. This is a touching, exciting urban romance that’s got all the right ingredients to become the next big hit.

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