the-carter-girls-3-by-desireeThe Carter series has been dominating the sales charts for a while now, and the Girls are a big part of the franchise's success. Today we get to enjoy The Carter Girls 3, a brand-new bestseller about the most attractive, influential, powerful and infamous fam in the ATL. Yep, the Carters are back, baby, and the West side is about to get stormed again.

Welcome to a world of fancy cars, expensive jewelry, love, sex, betrayal, huge secrets and strong bonds. These girls have dedicated their entire lives to holding down their man back at home and out there on the streets, but now they're all a part of a messy drama that could potentially ruin it all. Everything's on the table, every little secret is revealed. So, will they be able to face their own past and to stay strong on both feet?

They thought that the past was behind them and that nothing could break them apart, but you never know in Atlanta. Furthermore, apparently, the Carter boys have a sister, and she's about to flip the game 180. This is a modern-day urban family drama that knows how to appeal to the wide audience while sticking true to its own legacy, so to speak.

The Carter family is dominating the hoods of Atlanta, and nobody can mess with them. However, when it comes to their own family, sometimes it's pretty hard to keep it all under control. The Carter Girls 3 is yet another amazing book in the game-changing series, and Desiree continues to delight the fans with every new book. It's safe to say that if you love urban romantic/gangsta stories that come with a twisty plot, a rich cast of characters and awesome writing, this series will be your new favorite.

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