the-carter-girls-5-by-desireeUrban romance is slowly, but forcefully becoming more and more popular among modern-day readers. Even the white folks are reading it, although back in the day it was primarily focused on the African-American communities. The Carter Girls series is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent urban franchises of our time, and Desiree, the wonderful author, managed to create a gripping, captivating, stylish and sexy universe that we always want to go back to.

Welcome to Atlanta, where thugs, robbers, and hustlers are doing everythin' they can in order to survive on the harsh streets and make a name for themselves. The drama never really ends here - it's a big part of what ATL is. Now, even though the Carters are doing pretty great financially and have taken over the good half of the city, the fans still need answers to a lot of big questions.

Like, who the hell is Marion, the fella who made it all possible, who single-handedly created the Carter brothers, so to speak? And what about Tia? Does she have the necessary strength to forget about the past and move on? Will she ever be able to start a normal life again after what happened to her? At the same time, Trent is getting all kinds of flashbacks from his childhood, and the brotherhood is pretty much broken.

It's now up to the elders - the original gangsters - to come forward and put the Carter family back together. The old heads and the youngsters are about to come together and set the record straight on everything...The Carter Girls 5 has all the answers, so, if you've been a fan of Desiree's fancy series, you'll stop reading this and go grab your copy right now!

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