the-carter-girls-by-desireeDesiree stormed into the literary world with the ground-breaking Carter Boys series, and now the author is finally ready to introduce us to the other side of the family - the Carter Girls. The fans have been asking Desiree to shine some light on the ladies, and, as it turns out, there's a whole another side to the Carter family.

Elijah Carter, a rising megastar in the music industry, is trying to find the perfect balance between his career and the one and only woman in his life, Jordyn. Plus, he's doing his best to hold the fam together and his charming, funny self is a big part of that. Trent, his handsome twin bro, can't really seem to get it right with the women, and, after spending years on trying to figure out what they are all about, he doesn't really care anymore.

Now, the fellas are bold, hard-wired and fun to follow, but it's actually the ladies who hold the family down. They are the heart, the wisdom behind the Carters. So, please give a warm welcome to all the sweethearts, baby mamas, and wives that take care of the boys and stop them from going completely insane. Desiree invites the readers to, once again, follow her to Atlanta where poverty, trapping, and crooked cops are just as real as the Carters themselves.

The Carter Girls is like a fresh, exciting breath for the award-winning series, and, if you've been a fan of the Boys, you'll most certainly appreciate the Girls. Oh, and expect the same amount of heat, drama, betrayals, secrets, bonds that last forever, friendships that are sacred and life-changing experiences. After all, that's what the Carters are famous for!

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