The-Case-Against-Sugar-By-Gary-TaubesGary Taubes, a best-selling writer and the author of numerous ground-breaking books that received international praise, is back with yet another game-changing, eye-opening and challenging book that talks about the "dark sides" of sugar and how it affects the modern-day generation. It's like the cigarettes of the 21st century, and it's kinda hard to say which product is more harmful.

It's making us sick - plain and simple - and there are very powerful people backing it up all over the world just to make sure that this white poison keeps bringing them huge profits. Today, the citizens of the United States are more vulnerable to diabetes than ever before. Obesity is becoming a nation-wide problem, and about 10% of our children may or may not be suffering from some kind of liver disease.

Yes, the scale of the problem is devastating, and sugar is right at the center of it all. Health should be the #1 concern of humanity in this century, but we are still running after what tastes good. Thankfully, Taubes is here to straighten the situation out and educate us on all the hidden dangers of consuming sugar on a daily basis. His trademark writing style combines scientific evidence and "straight talk", which allows him to reach a wide audience.

The Americans have been consuming sugar for centuries, and it's up to us to put a stop to it. The syrups, the candies, Coca-Cola - yep, we're pretty much hooked on it. The research shows that we are addicted to sugar without even realizing it. So, the bottom line is - if you want to be able to make informed, weighty and deliberate decisions about your sugar consumption, make sure to read The Case Against Sugar.

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