the-case-of-beasts-by-mark-salisburyThe Case of Beasts will be a wonderful Christmas gift for all the fans of the Harry Potter saga, especially the recent Fantastic Beasts movie. Mark Salisbury offers the readers a front-row seat to enjoy the real-world magic that was used to turn the bestselling book into a fascinating big-screen blockbuster. It's one thing to write a script and an entirely different story to transform it into a great movie.

So, if you want to know how the fantastic creatures came to life, which part of it was shot on camera and which was done with CGI, and many other insider secrets, grab a copy and dive in. The Case of Beasts is the official Warner Bros licensed "interactive journey" that delivers a breath-taking experience by sharing all the "tasty" secrets from the industry of filmmaking.

Furthermore, it comes with all kinds of exclusive photos and artwork, never-heard-before stories from the crew and the actors/actresses, and more. The team behind Fantastic Beasts is considered to be one of the greatest "miracle workers" today, and they did a brilliant job of giving the true fans a once-in-a-lifetime access behind the scenes.

Even if you've never been a big Rowling fan, you'll be amazed by the amount of work and dedication that was put into this book. It looks great, feels great and your kids/teenagers will most definitely appreciate it. At the same time, if you are a sucker for magic and the legendary Potter Universe, then The Case of Beasts will become your new favorite book to enjoy on the holiday. It comes with beasts, mystical creatures, magic wands, evil villains, fearless heroes, heroines and a whole bunch of exciting art and stories.

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