the-children-by-ann-learyAnn Leary, a bestselling writer, delivers a brilliant story about a rich, contemporary family, told by Charlotte, a 29-years-old girl who doesn't have any real friends, doesn't really like leaving the place, but has a big, secret life on the World Web. She spends days and nights at her lake house that used to belong to her stepfather. Her only friend is the blue screen of her computer. Now, growing up, the girl and her sister were very close with their stepbrothers who used to always come around.

Today, the fellas own the place, and when Spin, the youngest of them all, invites his fiancé to spend the summer with him at the house, the whole family welcomes her with open arms and gets really excited. The girl brings something new, intriguing into their lives. However, as time passes and they all settle down, the family starts to show its true colors - the masks are off, and the real faces are not nearly as pretty as they seemed at first.

All the secrets and lies are coming out, and everybody is exposed. Ann Leary did a wonderful job of revealing the true identities of "royal" families who are always trying to be something they're not. Her remarkable writing style, rich, believable characters and the suspenseful story will grab your attention from the very beginning

The Children is a witty, gripping, funny novel that you'll get attached to the second you start reading. The narrative is simply perfect, and, even though it all begins at a slower pace, the book is a 100% page-turner and the readers will certainly appreciate Ann Leary's insight, compelling tale and wonderful sense of humor. If you're a fan of smart, intelligent, touching dramas, make sure to grab a copy of The Children.

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