the-christmas-mystery-by-james-pattersonIt's safe to say that if you love modern-day mystery/political thrillers, then you definitely know the name of Mr. James Patterson, the best-selling and most critically-acclaimed author of our times. This man knows how to get the readers hooked up and keeps them on their feet throughout. Now, as for BookShots, it's a brand-new format fully developed by Patterson.

These novels can be consumed in less than a few hours, but they pack the heat like the full-lengthers, which gives us an amazing opportunity to get the adrenaline, excitement and suspense of the "big books" without having to spend tons of time reading them. The Christmas Mystery is a perfect BookShot for the holiday and it will put you in the right mood for celebration.

There's been a brutal murder in Park Avenue, and someone has stolen inestimable paintings. The holiday season is on, and that means the authorities have to catch whoever's responsible as soon as possible. Luc, a handsome French investigator, is handling the case. The man will have to put everything on the table and act quick, otherwise, the cold-blooded killer will continue strangling folks all over the city, painting it red.

Christmas might be the time for everybody else to relax and have some fun, but detective Moncrief is here to do business. There's no telling what the suspects are going to do next, and that is why Luc is in for a "joy" ride. With The Christmas Mystery, the fans of Patterson's engaging, adrenaline-pumping and suspenseful thrillers get a great gift for the holiday. You can finish it before the clock hits twelve!

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