the-christmas-singing-by-cindy-woodsmallThe Christmas Singing is a touching, entrancing novel about the power of love and second chances. Gideon, the main character of the story, has been in love with Mattie since they were little kids. However, when something unforeseen happens, he doesn't share it with her. No, the man decides to end their engagement with a weird excuse. The last thing he wants to do is lie to the one and only woman that he loves.

At the same time, he's confident that telling her the real truth would hurt her even more. Still, Mattie is brokenhearted and disappointed in life. She moves all the way to Ohio and dedicates her life to pursuing the biggest dream in her life - becoming a certified cake decorator. Yes, that's what she wants, and she even meets a cavalier, someone who's ready to make her happy in a quiet, secure relationship.

She wanted that with Gideon, but he left her, so, she's choosing whatever the world is offering. One day, the circumstances force Mattie to go back to Apple Ridge, her hometown, and the former lovers have no other choice but to face the suffering they both had to go through "thanks to" the guy's lies. The girl might be eternally angry with him, but that doesn't mean that her emotions are gone, because they aren't.

Gideon broke her heart and left her all alone, but maybe there's still a chance for them to be together? The Christmas Singing is imbued with the holiday atmosphere and will be a great read for you this winter. Cindy Woodsmall wrote a true romantic masterpiece that explores the deepest, most intimate emotions and feelings of a human being and his/her struggles through the everyday routine.

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