the-cinderella-murder-by-mary-higgins-clarkThey call Mary Higgins Clark, a bestselling and award-winning author, the modern-day "Queen of Suspense and Mystery", and her Under Suspicion series received international praise for being intriguing, riveting and suspenseful. The Cinderella Murder is an exceptional read, with a fast-paced, snappy narrative, rich, layered characters and a couple of twists to shock you along the way.

Laurie is running a pretty risky TV reality drama, but, given the fact that the very first episode was a huge success, she's super excited to keep delivering "the heat". By the way, the pilot episode even helped solve the case of a horrible murder, and that brought even more attention to the program. So, what's it all about, exactly? Under Suspicion focuses on cold cases, unsolved mystery crimes, and the staff recreates them with top-notch precision and involves all the people who were affected by the case - friends, family, and loved ones.

And the Cinderella Murder is the next perfect case for Laurie to highlight on the program. Susan was a gorgeous, gifted student, and when they found her dead, that raised a lot of questions. For example, why did the police find her car parked miles away from the body? Why doesn't her ex-boyfriend want to talk about her? What's the connection between Susan and a church? Was there something more between her and the computer-science professor than just work?

So, Laurie's hoping that this case will boost the show's ratings because a lot of the initial suspects include tech moguls and Hollywood "royalty". The Cinderella Murder is Clark at her best - expect an action-packed, suspenseful narrative, a cast of colorful characters, and, of course, the author's trademark writing excellence.

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