Welcome to a dystopian future where every single move of a citizen is tracked and monitored by the government. Technology is a big part of our lives today, but in The Circle, the author has taken it to a whole another (frightening) level. Mae, just a regular girl, is super-excited to start working for the Circle, the mightiest internet mogul on planet Earth.

This is the baggiest break in her life, and she can't wait to get started. The company links everything from a person's bank account to his/her e-mail password to create a peaceful and transparent new society. Mae is overwhelmed by the tall glass windows and the sterile, techy halls and offices. It feels like she stepped into the bright, beautiful future that no sane person would ever want to get back from.

You've got wonderful colleagues, a job that pays well and parties that go wild. Celebrities are chilling with employees folks, big-time athletes are giving master classes in the breath-taking clubs, and everything looks even better than Mae could've ever thought. She can't stop herself from jumping up as she realizes that this is the most powerful and influential tech company on the globe and that she's a part of it now.

However, what started as a dream come true, soon turns into a disaster and the biggest nightmare in the girl's life. Total surveillance turns into violation of privacy, and who gets to decide when enough is enough? The Circle is a blood-rushing science fiction thriller that's equally suspenseful and thought-provoking. If you're a fan of brilliantly-written dystopian novels (who isn't, right?), Dave Eggers is the man for you!

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