This is a moving, touching and encouraging novel about regular people, their vices, and virtues. The author created an awesome story that takes us back to the Ice Age and follows the dawn of our civilization. Ayla, the main character, is dealing with the tough-yet-breathtaking world that's not burdened by the modern-day achievements.

A natural cataclysm throws the little girl into an uncharted and hazardous territory where she is found and taken care of by a kind woman from the Clan. These folks are very different from her people, but they do give her shelter. The blond girlie with blue eyes looks like an alien to them - an ugly one, to be exact. They call her one of the Others, the ones who have found their way into their centuries-old home.

Iza, the woman, is not a big fan of Ayla's kind; yet, she can't just leave her all alone in the middle of nowhere. Together with Creb, she raises her as her own, and they both start to develop parental feelings towards the girl as she grows up. Soon, when the girl learns her way around the Clan's traditions, customs, and grasps Iza's exceptional healing skills, the community accepts her.

However, a vicious and wicked young man who is to become the new leader of his people sees Ayla as a big threat to his reign and considers her a hostile. Slowly, but steadily, he grows more and more offended by her existence and develops a terrifying hatred for the innocent girl who hasn't done anything wrong. He is set on hurting the girl and her people, and he's ready to put everything on the line just to see "justice done". Jean M. Auel wrote an imaginative, thought-provoking masterpiece that's gripping, adventurous and educational.

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