The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking

The-Complete-Book-of-Hot-Spicy-Asian-CookingThe Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking is a wonderful guide to the incredible variety of chili peppers and Asian herbs and spices used to create the luscious, highly sought-after flavors of Eastern cuisine.

Whether you are a fan of hot, fiery flavors or of more subtle, tangy aromas, this book provides recipes you'll love from Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Burma and Indonesia, among others.

Also included are instructions for the storage of spices and guidelines for making your own curry pastes, salsas and relishes. The chilies, herbs and spices used in this book can be added, subtracted or substituted to suit individual hot and spicy tastes.

Covering everything from appetizers to meat dishes, soups to vegetables, desserts to drinks, The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cookingshows just how easy it is to prepare and cook traditional hot and spicy foods.

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