The Complete Chile Pepper Book: A Gardener's Guide to Choosing, Growing, Preserving, and Cooking

The-Complete-Chile-Pepper-BookChile peppers are hot! Not only do they add culinary fire to thousands of dishes from across the world, they inspire near-fanatical devotion in those who have succumbed to their incendiary charms.

The Complete Chile Pepper Book, by world-renowned chile experts Dave DeWitt and Paul W. Bosland, contains detailed profiles of the 100 most popular chile varieties; information on how to grow chiles (including comparisons of traditional versus organic techniques and hydroponics); how to diagnose and remedy problems, pests, and diseases; and post-harvest processing and preservation. The book culminates in eighty-five mouth-watering recipes that make brilliant use of both the characteristic heat of chile peppers and of their more subtle flavor qualities.

This gorgeously illustrated, stunningly comprehensive book has all the information that anyone with an interest in chile peppers—foodies, vegetable gardeners, or chileheads—could ever hope to find.

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