the-couple-next-door-by-shari-lapenaShari Lapena's brand-new novel is an instant international bestseller and the greatest writers of our time give the author the highest praise. The book is full of shocking twists and turns, and the story is both provocative and unbelievably addictive. You simply won't be able to put down the book until you turn that very last page. It's riveting, captivating, and the level of suspense is unprecedented.

This is a tale about a cute couple and the people from their neighborhood. It all starts at a regular dinner party - that's when all the lies/secrets come out; that's when the men and women go to WW3. Marco and Anne are in love with each other and spend every single day feeling blessed: they're living in a beautiful house and are raising a cute baby. One fine day, they visit a dinner party in a neighbor’s home, and that's when a horrifying event takes place.

The truth, as always, is much more twisted than it seems at first. Detective Rasbach, who's assigned to the case, is 100% sure that the folks are trying to hide something. Soon, both Marco and Anne find out that the person they love has been hiding huge secrets for several years. Nobody's safe, and you can't trust anybody because you don't really know them.

The Couple Next Door is a blood-chilling story about unfaithful spouses, deception and never-ending twists that will keep you guessing and second-guessing on every single page. The narrative is superb, and the author created a truly extraordinary, engrossing tale that will linger long after you finish the book. A true masterpiece and a must-have for all the fans of thrillers.

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