Ruth Rendell's brand-new bestseller, The Crocodile Bird, is a gripping and suspenseful psychological thriller about a beautiful girl who's living in "captivity" with her bloodthirsty mom. Shrove House is an isolated old-school estate that's located in a faraway London suburb. For 16 years, two women have been hiding from the entire world, living in constant fear.

Eve has been there for Liza, her lovely baby girl, protecting her from the devastating and depriving reality of the modern-day life. The girl has never been outside of the house, and her mom is always hiding her from the rare visitors and is ready to kill innocent folks just to keep the poor baby girl safe. Liza was raised under her mother's influence and she never even had the capacity to question Eve's true motives and/or her intentions.

What if she's wrong and this isn't really the way she's supposed to live her life? One day, when the cops come to call, the teenager runs away, leaving her crazy mother behind. This is her first time being all alone "on the outside", and she's afraid that her mom will find her and bring her back, so, she does what's necessary to stay alive in this harsh new reality.

She finds a temporal shelter in the groundskeeper's house and tells him her life story, hoping to find inner peace and a place for herself in this ever-changing and ever-growing world. But, all those years she's spent with her mom have left their "mark", and soon she'll find out that she's not much different from her...The Crocodile Bird is the recipient of several prestigious awards and the critics are calling Ruth Rendell one of the finest writers of our time.

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