The-Crossover-By-Kwame-AlexanderJosh and Jordan Bell, twin brothers, are born to shine on the basketball court. Their dad, a retired player himself, teaches them everything he knows and puts everything he's got into his kids. At the same time, ballin' isn't Josh's only passion - he's also a big fan of beat making and rapping, and he's telling his family's story in his mad rhymes, verses, and choruses.

This fast-paced, educational novel for the teenagers talks about the important things in life - family, brotherhood, honor, loyalty, and faith. The brothers are growing up, and now they have to deal with real-world problems and finally understand that going against the system and breaking the rules comes at a big price. They've got numerous struggles to go through, both on the court and off it. A game-changer awaits around the next corner and it will affect not only them but also their family.

Kwame Alexander's new novel is full of that teen spirit - it's a story about two boys who think they can conquer the world without even breaking a sweat and live happy, near-perfect lives until trouble comes looking for them. Josh is a funny, likable and believable character who's lucky enough to grow up in a family that fully supports him on every step of the way.

If you've been looking for the right book for your kids that will be both entertaining and educational for them, a novel that would talk about growing up, the importance of making the right decision and taking responsibility for your actions in a simple, down-to-Earth manner, then The Crossover might just be what both you and your children need!

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