Clive Cussler's name on a book means you're in for quite an awesome treat. The man has pretty much monopolized the action-adventure genre and keeps delivering A-grade bestsellers for the fans. Welcome to 1911. Mr. Bell, a hard-boiled investigator, has been through a lot and has seen all kinds of unexplainable, mysterious and extraordinary things. But he's about to witness something truly disturbing.

He's got a new gig: to find a young lady - Anna - who ran away from her parents to follow her dreams. She wants to become a famous actress, and, at first, Bell thinks that it's just another day at the office with yet another striving actress. But, when he finds her dead body, the case turns from regular to hazardous. The man vows to track the murderer and to bring him to justice.

Thus, he begins an all-out manhunt, hoping to catch the killer before he covers his tracks. The further he advances with his investigation, the more dangerous his quest becomes. Anna wasn't the only dead girl: numerous beautiful young women are being found dead all over the United States. Yes, the victims do have a lot in common, but the killings themselves are more than uncanny.

True, Bell has tons of experience behind his back and nothing can scare him anymore, but this case is a bit too much, even for him. He's got a hunch, and if he turns out to be right, that would mean he's hunting one of the scariest monsters to ever walk the Earth. The Cutthroat is a riveting mystery thriller slash action-adventure that's both suspenseful and fascinating. It's fast-paced, full of action and comes with vivid, interesting characters.

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