the-daily-show-by-chris-smithThe Daily Show is one of the greatest inventions of the American society. This award-winning, record-breaking and game-changing show has been around for ages, and this is the complete, uncensored and revealing history told by its legendary host, the writers and the rest of the staff. They are doing a great job on a daily basis and bringing the US citizens that nice "dose" of The Daily Show.

So, how long has his ground-breaker been around for, exactly? Almost 17 years, ladies and gentlemen, and it's been shaping the face of modern-day TV shows for about 2 decades. This show blurred the lines between a regular TV comedy, news coverage and political satire. It's like an all-in-one kind of a thing, and that's why so many people love it. Besides, it handsomely helped the careers of most of the modern-day celebrity comedians.

And, it showed the general public that it was OK to talk about the weather and the most important political questions in one show, and won as much as twenty-three Emmy Awards. Now, that gotta count for something, right? The Daily Show the book is an open invitation into the backstage: all those funny moments, gags, inside jokes and controversy finally comes out, and, if you're a fan of the show, you'll definitely get a nice kick out of all this.

These insightful stories are told by the heroes of the show, including the iconic Jon Stewart and many of his colleagues, which makes this book unique and special. You'll learn about the show's origins, the people who believed in it from the very begging, all the ups, downs, and, of course, the enormous success. Today, The Daily Show is one of the most trusted American sources with a stellar reputation and a huge effect on politics.

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