the-danger-of-desire-by-sabrina-jeffriesThe Danger of Desire is the 3rd installment in the romantic, passionate and ground-breaking Sinful Suitors franchise by the best-selling and heart-wrenching Sabrina Jeffries. The critics are calling her one of the most popular and loved modern-day romance writers; - so, that means you are in for a real treat! Delia, the heroine of the story, is a celebrity in the elite society's balls and is "dancing away" to meet the most influential folks in the city.

That's what she does in the evenings. But, when the sun settles and it becomes dark, she dresses like a fella and starts to gamble in London's gaming "houses". However, one night, when she's out beating the men in cards, a good-looking Marquess recognizes her from one of the balls. And, when he tries to blackmail her by revealing her true identity, she doesn't bow down and starts to play a dangerous-yet-rewarding game with him.

She's got a "mission", and she's not about to back down because of this man. At the same time, he knows exactly what she's doing, and he also knows the catastrophic consequences of this game, so, he can't just stand by and do nothing. Soon, she'll lose everything trying to find justice for her dead sibling. Slowly, but steadily, the two start to fall for each other, and that brings even more complications to the table.

Will the two be able to keep each other in check and still give into their mutual feeling, or will they just ruin everything and let all the secrets come out? The Danger of Desire is a high-stakes romantic novel that combines love with passion, justice with delusions and high morals with dishonesty. If you love steaming hot historical romances, this book will be a perfect read for the upcoming holiday.

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