If you've been looking for a tense, nail-biting rollercoaster, this edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller is exactly what you need. From the outside, it looks like Melanie has a picture-perfect life. She's tied the knot with her first love from school, Jacob, and together they're raising a kind,smart kiddo, Beth.

It seems like nothing can come between this woman and her family, until one day the teenager disappears into thin air. And when they find her, she's beaten half-to-death and lying unconscious in a creek. Melanie is shocked and devastated by this and is set on finding who did this to her baby girl and bringing them to justice. It's obvious that someone had to see something in this tiny village, so the question is - why aren't they sharing what they saw?

The mother starts to dig deeper and deeper, and, as she learns more about what happened to her child, she realizes that her daughter has been keeping some horrifying secrets from both her parents. Melanie thought that she knew her little girl and would never think that she'd be involved in something as terrifying. The truth about the attack is both frightening and dangerous, and pretty soon she finds herself fighting for her own life.

The Darkest Lies is a 100% page-turner, an absolutely gripping "joyride" with twists and turns that you won't see coming. As far as riveting psychological thrillers go, Barbara Copperthwaite's bestseller is right there among the very best. The rich, engrossing narrative and the brilliant writing will keep you up all night, and the ending will linger on long after you finish the book. An absolute must-have!

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