Evan is a handsome doc, and every single nurse at the hospital fantasizes about him in all the wrong ways. He's not big with relationships and prefers to stick with having fun, not something serious. But when he's caught doing it with an intern, that leaves him with no other choice but to marry her.

True, he does love to go deep and use his exceptional skills to get whatever he wants, but Harbor, the intern, is something entirely different and challenges the man to change his ways. He stops himself from getting hard every time she walks into the room, and it's turning into a real problem. It's safe to say that they don't teach these kinds of "colleague communications" at med school, but he still wants to make her scream his name.

So, when his chief tells him to accompany the sexy little thing to a weekend workshop, he gladly agrees. She's equally innocent and feisty, and Evan knows that once she lets the beast inside of her out, she'll turn into the sexiest woman on planet Earth. But right now she's dressing according to the "textbook" and wears those naughty glasses that make the doc lose his mind.

Eventually, he does find his way into her pants, but the boss catches them in all the wrong positions. So, it's pretty simple: either Evan gets Harbor to marry him, or he'll have to say goodbye to the hospital and to his booming career. He's got a little girl at home to take care of, which means tying the knot with the gorgeous intern is the only way out. The Doctor's Fake Marriage is a full-length erotic novel that comes with a handsome single dad, a drop-dead sexy virgin and awesome chemistry between the two.

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