the-dogs-i-have-kissed-by-trista-mateerThe Dogs I Have Kissed is a brand-new collection of poetry by Trista Mateer, a highly talented author who's been getting international praise for her unique style of writing. People might know her as a blogger, but her poetry is what really puts her on the spot. The greatest thing about it - you can "run through" it in one go, but, at the same time, it's rich enough to make you hide it under your pillow and get back to if whenever you feel like reading something truly special and mesmerizing.

It's riveting, powerful, and you'll be touched by every single poem you read. Some of them are happy, comforting and inspiring, while others are painful and talk about the hard stuff, but they are all equally great. The author has the rare talent of talking about both the good and the bad. The Dogs I Have Kissed is a brilliant book that reflects on everything that goes on inside a human being's mind and soul.

Mateer shares her refreshing point of view on religion, faith, love, hate, hopes, dreams and nightmares. Furthermore, the author put a healthy dose of irony in the "cheerful" poems that will make you laugh and enjoy the book even more. The Dogs I Have Kissed is the perfect gift for anyone who experienced both the greatness and the destructive power of love, who's been happy, miserable, hurt, but still believes in the greater good and strives for a better life.

Trista Mateer is one of the most extraordinary writers of our time, and her amazing collection of poems will be of great help to those folks who wanna change their lives for the better but are not really sure they've got what it takes. We all do - we just gotta believe in ourselves!

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