Mr. Haw, a wealthy man with a cloud of fog surrounding his personality, visits Tamfield for a permanent stay. And even before the gentleman's arrival, the local folks begin to tell all kinds of crazy stories about him. The workers start building his gorgeous house, and people gossip about the magnitude of the construction and the huge amounts of money that are required to see something like that done quickly and thoroughly.

When Raffles finally arrives, he becomes friends with Laura, her brother, Rob, and their dad. Mr. McIntyre used to be a flourishing gun merchant, but has lost all of his fortune and has gone mad. Laura is to marry Hector, the local vicar’s son. But, he answers to the call of duty and joins the Navy at the beginning of the story.

Haw witnesses first-hand all the pain and misery that the locals are going through and decides to lend that much-needed helping hand. Along the way, he saves numerous families and their businesses with just the right advice and, of course, financial support. The man is believed to have unlimited resources thanks to the discovery of a technology that turns lead into gold.

However, pretty soon he becomes disappointed in the citizens of Tamfield, as they don't really appreciate his help. Instead of using his money as a nice "boost" and working day and night to support their families, these people turn into lazy vagabonds and fully rely on his support. Eventually, Haw starts to hate the locals and threatens to turn their lives into living Hell. The Doings of Raffles Haw is a meticulous, vivid, poignant and thought-provoking novel by the legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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