Alice Ward is back with a brand-new sweet, sexy and exciting novel. This is a hot, vivid, brisk and witty romantic story that will make you fall in love with the main characters and get you turned on in a matter of seconds. Rhett has never been a fan of being "in the spot" and prefers to build his empire without making too much noise.

That's why the regular folks don't really know who he is, even though the man is one of the most powerful and influential figures in the city. But, when he turned his dream into a reality and founded NYB (New York Beasts, that is), the fellas won the World Series, and he instantly became an international superstar. Now every single woman out there wants to get something from him.

Like that wasn't enough, Rhett soon found himself to be a big part of a reality show, which is like the least possible place he could ever land. Well, it is what it is, and the wealthy gentleman is facing nine gorgeous women, nine huntresses who want only one thing - his money. Make that eight, actually, because Emery is nothing like the rest of them. She's a modest, innocent girl who also made it into this project against her own will.

She's flying under the radar as well, and this kind of attention is overwhelming for her. Still, the rules are for everyone - let the hunting begin! Both Emery and Rhett are longing for that special someone, and who knows, maybe this cheesy reality show is where they'll find what they’ve been looking for? The Dom vs. The Virgin comes with a grandiose mix of drama, humor, love, sex, and chemistry. As far as hot novels go, Ward's latest offering is a must-read.

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