The-Dreaming-Suburb-By-R. F-DelderfieldR. F Delderfield, the best-selling and award-winning author, delivers an epic historical novel about four British families that come together between the horrors of war. Carver, a sergeant, is going back from WW1 in 1919 to mourn his wife. He returns home to 7 kids and is forced to raise them as a single parent in a suburb that he's never stepped foot into.

Eunice, his new neighbor, also knows a thing or two about tragedy and is going through one rough patch after the other. The woman's husband was murdered on the battlefield, which leaves her and the 8-year-old son all alone in this world. She's working hard just to get by, and there's no shoulder to cry on. Edith, the woman that lives next door, is happy to take in lodgers and take care of her sis Becky, who's suffering from a mind trauma.

And finally, the Friths are something of a mystery, as no one knows anything about 'em. They moved in before the war - that's pretty much all the neighbors know about this family. The Dreaming Suburb is a breathtakingly fascinating novel about four families that try to live their peaceful lives and prosper between two World Wars.

They've got dreams, hopes, and everyday struggles, but the rapidly and radically changing world keeps turning their lives into a huge challenge. Dive into this mesmerizing world that's torn between the biggest and most brutal wars in history and cheer for the lovely characters that are doing everything in their power to keep their sanity and to stay human in the middle of ground-breaking shifts in history. R. F Delderfield created an atmospheric, suspenseful, heart-warming and heart-squeezing novel.

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