The-Dry-By-Jane-HarperThe Dry is a breathless, adrenaline-pumping and shocking page-turner for the fans of mystery thrillers and suspenseful novels. Secrets, lies and big-time revelations will get you hooked up, and the mighty twists will make you stay up all night with the book. As far as fascinating debuts go, Jane Harper's masterpiece is right there among the best of the best.

The bottom line is - if you love atmospheric, gripping novels about small towns and big secrets, this one's for you. Aaron, a Fed, gets a note that requires his to go back to his hometown. The thing is, he hasn't been there in decades, and he's a completely different person now. But, Luke, his buddy, his best friend, has passed away, and Aaron simply can't say "No" to paying his respects.

Two decades ago, when the cops accused him of killing somebody, Luke was his only alibi. Agent Falk and his dad left the town, and Luke's statement saved them both from prosecution. So, yeah, he owes his life to the guy that's lying dead in a coffin. And now, Falk is trying to figure out what really happened to his childhood friend. The local detective joins his investigation, and together they start questioning the locals.

Maybe there's more to the guy's death than the Po-Po thinks? At the same time, Aaron can't keep the long-buried secrets from coming to surface. The lies that have been torturing him for all those years are back, and they're threatening to put him down - for good, this time. Will the guy be able to solve his friend's murder case and keep his own good name intact? Small towns have a way of ruining people's lives with big, disastrous secrets...

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