The-Edge-By-Dick-FrancisAn elites-only transcontinental horse-racing festival is supposed to be the perfect getaway plan for the fortunate 1%. Yet, there's one man among them that wants to rob 'em all of their riches and to flee the scene before the Po-Po arrives. He's a psycho, yet, he's also a genius when it comes to blackmailing the ridiculously rich fellas and corrupt officials.

Kelsey is an undercover operative for the BJC (British Jockey Club). He joins the affluent and prosperous folks on a train that goes from the UK all the way to Canada and tries to figure out what's really going on in this little circle of billionaires. He pretends to be a regular writer, but he uses his cover to keep an eye on every single person on the train.

His target is Julius Filmera, and Kelsey needs to learn about the man's real plans before the train arrives at its destination. He's got no time to loose, and the assignment requires him to deliver his A-game, otherwise, he might just end up being caught and thrown off the board. And while he's on a super-important mission, he nearly starts an all-out war, miraculously saves his identity more than once and even manages to fall in love - deeply.

This is a masterly-crafted, intense, highly entertaining novel. If you love those classic British detective stories with a very special atmosphere, trademark jokes, and a great plot, then Dick Francis's novel would be a great pick for you. It's the opposite of a boring, tedious and unsatisfying read - it's smart, brisk, engaging and riveting all at the same time, making for just the perfect Sunday morning bliss.

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