the-eight-by-katherine-nevilleThe Eight is a gripping, riveting and exciting mystery novel about a journey across centuries by two fearless ladies in different ages who are trying to bring the pieces of an ancient chess set together. There's a breath-taking, insanely-expensive chess set that was buried in a Pyrenees abbey for a millennium. During the French Revolution, when chaos and destruction ruled the streets of Paris, a group of nuns scattered its pieces all over the world.

They did that to keep humanity safe, because, when fully united, this chess set is capable of destroying whole civilizations in one single blow. The set simply can't end up in the hands of dictators and tyrants, and so, two brave volunteers embark on a mission that starts in Paris and takes them all the way to Russia, Egypt and other places across the globe.

200 years later, Catherine, a computer expert on an assignment in Algeria, feels an unusual attraction to the diabolical Game of the infamous chess set. This game will make her risk everything she holds dear, including her own life, and go head-to-head with an ancient evil. Katherine Neville created an absolute must-have for the fans of historical mystery thrillers that comes with centuries-old prophecies, game-changing artifacts and strong-willed, intrepid women who are not afraid to confront the darkest forces on this planet.

By the way, The Eight was first published two decades ago, but it is still capable of keeping you on your feet and turning those pages all night long. If you love engrossing mystery tales full of action and tension, Katherine Neville's bestseller will be a wonderful read.

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