Annie, the main character of this engrossing thriller, can see dead people as if they're alive. And, for some ridiculous reason, they're all dressed in brown. Ever since she was a little girl, Annie has been perfectly able to not only see, but also speak with the deceased.

But when her man suddenly disappears into thin air, she can't see him anywhere, which gives her hope that he's still alive and well. It's not easy to sit around and wait when Evan's life is at stake, but what can she do? She has no clue as to where he is or what happened to him. The only thing that she can do is sort through her mom's impressive line-up of lovers and look for that other important gentleman in her life.

There are a couple of mysteries that she needs to figure out: who is that strange girl that always sits by the beauteous lake? What happened to the lady who got lost and whose sis has never lost hope of finding her? And finally, why on Earth do so many dead folks have the name Jim? Annie will have to find answers to all those questions if she wants to bring her husband back home safe and sound.

Will it be easy? Not really. But she can't just let herself give in to the grief. She's used to handling even the toughest breaks, and this is just one of them. The Extra Large Medium is a fine mystery thriller that features ghosts, otherworldly experiences, a fast-paced, suspenseful narrative and a great twist at the end. Helen Slavin wrote a great story that is equally original and gripping. At the same time, it's also warm, kind-hearted and moving, which is a rare thing for this genre. Long story short, The Extra Large Medium is a must-read, period.

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