The Favorite (The selection novella) by Kiera Cass

The- Favorite -The-selection-novella-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiMarlee Tames was trying to complete the Selection and have Prince Maxon's kind heart in the first place. Unfortunately, she will never realize her plan. She will never be a queen of Illya. Her own heart betrayed her. It has other ideas about whom she must love. In this novel, you will find out more about the relationship between Carter and Marlee Tames.

The Favorite starts with Marlee Tames sitting in a deep cell. The girl is contemplating about how her own and beloved Carter's lives will end. But Prince Maxon says that he prefers not to kill her. The punishment will be not radical. She will be only caned. With great relief, Marlee Tames comforts herself. She dreamed about her beloved man and thinks about him even through the caning.

When the pain was too great, Marlee Tames passes out. The girl wakes up in the princess's suite. And what an amazing surprise! She sees Carter. He gives her a note from Prince and some medication. So Marlee and Carter can treat all their wounds. Then her beloved man proposes to her. Marlee Tames and Carter get married very soon.

But the novel does not stop at that. In Favorite, you will find how deeply girl cared for America after she was shot. You find some information about what happens after America and Prince's wedding. Carter and Marlee Tames became one of the first citizens of Illea outside the castle.

Want to know what happens with them between drastic night when their filling was discovered by Prince and the last pages of The One novel? Try to read The Favorite, a true gem in The Selection Series!

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