The-Fire-This-Time-By-Jesmyn-WardThe Fire This Time is a powerful, emotional, brutally honest collection of short stories and memoirs about discrimination and injustice from the most profound writers of the 20th and the 21st centuries. Jesmyn Ward, the author of the book, took the title of Baldwin's fundamental work that was published back in '63 as a reminder to us all that there's still a lot to be done. America may be the Land Of The Free, but it doesn't mean that racial discrimination and hate are forever eliminated. On the contrary, the recent horrifying tragedies and nation-wide protests only show us that this country is in desperate need of new voices to guide it.

The black folks are still struggling, and freedom for all is yet to be achieved. Jesmyn Ward, an award-winning writer, is trying to tell America one thing - freedom of will and freedom of speech is the most important thing for every modern-day society. We, the American citizens, will have to do everything in our power to ensure that our children and grandchildren will live in a world where injustice and discrimination are no more.

This book is a mighty collection of ground-breaking memoirs, essays, and poems that reflect on racial inequity here in America. The most gifted visionaries and writers of our time put their hearts and souls into this book and talk about the challenges that we all have to deal with.  The book consists of 3 chapters that remind the readers of the darkest moments in the American history, talk about the current struggles that this nation has to overcome and hope for a better future.

It's been more than 5 decades since Baldwin wrote his ground-breaking book, and a lot has been done since then. The Americans are living in the post-racial world, the post-Civil Rights society, and it's our duty to make sure that this generation knows about everything that this book represents.

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