The mighty Dominion series if finally over! Yep, the fans can enjoy the grand finale of this epic trilogy. This thrilling mystery thriller slash science fiction novel is both riveting and thought-provoking, so, get cozy in that seat of yours and get to reading! Zoey grew up into a world full of hate, inequality, pain and suffering, and now she's about to discover that she's pretty much the only hope this planet has for salvation.

She managed to escape from a bunch of lethal killers, but now she's up against a new threat. There's a videotape that shows her as the mom of an unborn child that might be humankind's key to survival. She knows all too well that the people that used to keep her locked up are ready to do whatever it takes to take full advantage of the power that the baby girl inside of her holds.

So, Zoey has no other choice but to head towards Seattle, the last standing US city. She’s hoping to find answers there and a place to rest and to get herself together. However, there's a new enemy waiting for her right at the city's gate, and the answers that she's seeking are capable of destroying everything that she holds dear to her heart, including mankind. What will she choose: her own life of the survival or the human race?

And what if there's no other option but to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Will Zoey be able to do that? Joe Hart delivered a perfect finale for the amazing trilogy that will linger on long after you turn that very last page. The First City is stunning, mesmerizing, gripping and un-put-down-able. Action? Check. A fast-paced narrative, multi-layered characters, and a strong message? Double check!

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