The-First-Men-in-the-Moon-by-H.-G.-WellsThe First Men in the Moon is a super-addictive and fun book in the genre of science fiction that makes you wanna re-read it again and again. H. G. Wells, the author of the book, released it back in 1901. The story is about two crazy fellas - a struggling businessman and a genius scientist. They decide to take a trip to the moon and soon discover that it's inhabited by an advanced species, a world of insect-like creatures. Before their fateful journey, these two gentlemen never knew each other. The businessman, Mr. Bedford, moves to the countryside, hoping to write a play that will take care of his financial situation. He rents a modest, small house where he can fully concentrate on his work and enjoy peace. However, every afternoon, at exactly the same time, a strange person is making all kinds of strange noises. 2 weeks later, Bedford confronts the man, and he turns out to be a scientist who's trying to create a brand-new material that - in theory - is capable of negating the force of gravity.

Soon, the scientist develops a sheet of this new material, but something goes wrong, and it shoots off into open space. Mr. Bedford, a true businessman, sees a huge commercial success in the scientist's work and offers him to monetize it. But the man is consumed with the idea of creating a spaceship and persuades his new-found friend to take a quick trip to the moon. Obviously, they're both sure that there's no life there.

Ironically enough, when they arrive, they find a sophisticated species of aliens. During their journey, they hide from, kill and run from these creatures and Bedford manages to escape. The scientist stays on the moon (he injures his leg) and makes friends with two aliens and even teaches them some English!

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