Robert Crais, the best-selling, critically-acclaimed author, delivered a mighty blockbuster with The First Rule, a story about Joe, a police detective, who's determined to track the killers of a good-old friend and his lovely family and bring them to justice. Elvis, his trusty partner, is ready to help the guy out any way he can. Frank and his family were brutally executed by some thugs in his own house.

The cops are confident that the man had a secret life that involved criminals and high stakes. But Joe can't believe in the fact that his good buddy could be a part of something illegal and dangerous, so, he sets out to find out the real truth and to clear Frank's name. He starts a nation-wide hunt to trace and punish every single scumbag who took away his friend's life.

It all begins as a regular police procedure but soon turns into a twisty, deceitful and hazardous journey towards the truth. Ancient grudges, double-crossing agents, crooked cops, and conspiracies come together in this blood-chilling, mind-blowing mystery thriller. Joe's been doing this for as long as he can remember, but even the hard-boiled fella could never imagine what he got himself into.

Yet, it doesn't matter for the private investigator, because the people who murdered 5 people - including two kids - are enjoying their freedom, and Pike won't rest until they all pay. But what if Frank was actually dirty? The First Rule comes with a spot on, gripping plot, a rich, multi-layered line-up of characters and tons of insights into the world of spies. The bottom line is – this masterly-crafted novel by Robert Crais is still as eye-grabbing as it was seven years ago.

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